Note Taking

There are many different ways of note taking. Some people like using their left brain more, and others are on the more creative side with the right brain. Here, you can learn to improve your skills and work on taking more effective notes. Many of the techniques and strategies for taking notes outlined here will be based on using your right and left brain. This will help your notes:

  1. Be more effective
  2. Be more easy to remember (if you are using notes to study for tests and exams, absorb this page like a sponge! The methods I discuss will have a significant impact on your performance, as all of these methods are brain friendly.)
  3. Be more interesting and provoke more thoughts and ideas etc.

Note Taking Techniques and Strategies
So, everybody knows how to take notes. But not everybody knows how to take them properly. The note taking strategies page will help you make your notes better. The main thing about taking better notes is... You guessed it - using both sides of your brain!

Revision Notes
Short term memory and long term memory, what is the difference? The revision notes page will tell you how to take those notes stored in your short term memory to your long term memory. You will be surprised at how simple it really is.

Spider Diagrams
Here is another method of taking notes. Spider diagrams/maps are like the old brother of the mind map. Spider diagrams have been around for a long time and are sometimes confused with mind maps. Not to say spider diagrams are worse, they both have their strong points.

Note Taking Tips
All the best note taking tips, first class source from a uni student. Includes a video outlining the major principles and top quality tips on taking notes.

Mind Maps
Mind maps are the ace memory focused method. This is full on using your full brain and couldn't really get much better. This is definitely my top pick! Our site actually has a few pages dedicated to the good 'ole mind mapping so be sure to check them out.

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