Left Brain Right Brain - Use them both!

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The information the left brain right brain page, you may find you have read somewhere else on this website. This page is for people that have followed a link from another page that does not explain this, to then later return to the former page.

These days, most people know that your brain has two parts to it. The left brain side controls the right half of your body and vice versa.

The left half of your brain deals with things such as words, logic, numbers, sequence, linearity, analysis and lists.

The right side deals with rhythm, awareness, imagination, daydreaming, colour and dimension.

Which side of your brain do you use the most?
The answer is probably left, right?
This is because...
The main feature of your notes are words
You make notes in lists
Your notes are vertical and in a downwards structure
Your notes are on lined paper
You try to be smart about what you do
But most importantly, when you try to remember something, you try to remember the facts and figures.

You see what I mean, you are only using HALF of your brain to remember things. Imagine if you could incorporate both sides of your brain into learning and remembering things. Your brain power would double!

But you know what the best thing is; a major part of this site focuses on doing exactly that. Concepts discussed in this site such as mind maps use both the left brain right brain principles.

Do this quick exercise to show yourself how your brain literally loves using the right brain side too.

Think about the last concert you went to. Think about it for a few seconds...

What band/ singer was playing?
What songs were they playing?
What was the venue like?
Was anybody there with you?

Now tell me how your brain thought about this?
Did it come up with a list of all the things that happened.
I think not!
Your brain, most likely gave you a picture in your mind of what this concert was like. You pictured the band, you heard a snippet of the songs they were playing, you pictured the stage.

The point is, most people, when trying to remember things, they only use their left brain side. What a waste! The organic mind will help everybody make the most out of their mind, plus much more.

You have now understand the most important secret to unleashing your mind power! If someone was to ask me which page I considered most important in my site. I would say the left brain right brain page for sure.

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