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If you want to go further with the ideas and techniques, talked about on this website, I have included reviews on the best self help books out there. I have included the

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    Mind Maps

    Mind Maps

    Mind Maps for kids
    By Tony Buzan

    Mind Maps for kids is a full-colour workbook, with the emphasis on having fun. As well as tips for improving memory and concentration, the book is packed with jokes, cartoons and brainteasers. Tony Buzan shows how Mind Maps can be used for all sorts of things outside the classroom - from planning a party to designing a dream bedroom.

    Mind Mapping is the shortcut to success that puts kids one step (and sometimes miles!) ahead.

    Tony Buzan is the world-renowned inventor of Mind Maps and the bestselling author of Head First, Head Strong, and How To Mind Map. He lectures all over the world and his work has been published in 100 countries and 30 languages. As well as advising leading businesses, Tony Buzan regularly talks at schools and colleges around the world.

    Mind Mapping for kids is a great book, most suitable for people aged 7 to 14. It is an enjoying read, filled with jokes and brainteasers. Not to mention that every last one of them pages is sparkling with colour.

    In this book Tony Buzan outlines the basics of mind mapping. He explains why they work, but not as much about how they work as I would have liked. It shows students how you can work mind maps for your benefit, focusing particularly on school. Tony Buzan gives examples of mind mapping in different subjects and tells you how to use those mind maps to then revise for exams.

    Mind Mapping for kids, is a very nice read, however I thought that it fell short on the information side of things. Mind mapping for kids goes just a little further than this website, but it would still be nice to keep at home for reference.

    My rating 7/10>
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    Use Your Memory
    By Tony Buzan

    In this new revised edition of Use Your Memory the secrets of how to stretch your memory skills to the full are fascinatingly revealed by Tony Buzan, author of the best selling Use Your Head and the Mind Map Book and inventor of the revolutionary mind maps. He teaches you how to improve your memory not only for names, numbers, dates and lists, but also for speeches, articles, poetry and whole books. There are sections for card players, for people learning new languages and for those studying for exams, as well as an intriguing chapter on how to capture your dreams. Use Your Memory will be particularly useful for school and university students throughout their study, and especially during review and examination times. It will also be useful for those wishing to improve their mental powers as they advance in years, and to anyone joining the rapidly growing number of mental athletes who are preparing themselves for mental games, memory competitions and world memory championships. All the classic memory systems are explained, plus, of course, Tony Buzan's own famous mind mapping technique. For anyone who wants to remember more, for longer, this book will be both an invaluable tool and an exciting introduction to the world of super power memory.
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