Why does your brain like the color red?

by Louann
(New Jersey)

Red Brain

Red Brain

Hi all,

I know that your brain likes red. But I would really like to know the reason why.

My professor at uni seems to spend half of his life marveling about the color red and how it is so good for your brain.

He always tells us to box such and such information in red, highlight this in red - So that our brain would remember that specific information in red.

I have never really paid attention to this until recently (since I have started using your site). I have noticed that you talk about this on your page - note taking techniques (https://www.the-organic-mind.com/note-taking-techniques-and-strategies.html)

I was astounded to see that my "nutty" professor was actually very sane!

Me, being someone that loves to know the reason behind everything, would really appreciate it if someone could tell me why.

Thank you,

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Nov 05, 2015
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Nov 17, 2009
Thank you so much!
by: Louanne

Hi Charlie,

Thank you soooo much for making this a pearl in the newsletter and that was one heck of a post! It is great to feel the contributory spirit here.

To Shanti,
Wouldn;t be surprised if our teachers were cousins


Nov 17, 2009
Same here!
by: Shanti

Hey Louanne,

Isn't that funny, my teacher in 9th grade has told me that as well.

Thanks for sharing the reason behind it as well Charlie! Great newsletter and some great "brain juice"

Wish you well,

Nov 16, 2009
How colour has a symbolistic effect on your brain
by: Charlie-Admin

Hi Louanne,
What a great question!
It is a tough one to answer though.

We do not know exactly how and why the brain likes red more than any other colour. We do know that it likes colour though -- Simply because it excites the brain and gives it a whole range of elements to absorb rather than the boring black and white. Using the visual side of your brain is very important and helpful.

The reason we know that red stands out more than other colours is simply based on research. I remember from a lecture (a while back now) that a group of people conducted an investigation to see how many people remembered x amount of information when it was written in different coloured pens.

The results were significantly better with the people that read the red text.

So it is purely based on statistics more than anything else.

Although we do not know for sure, I do have a hunch :O For you to understand this you will have to read this article:


Skim through it, don't read the lot - just get the idea.

So know that you know that colour has a "symbolistic" effect on your brain, I can explain my hunch.

I reckon that the colour red is a sign of cautiousness and stands out. All road signs are bordered in red and if you want something to catch someones attention, you would put it in red.

I think that your brain sees this and responds to the colours as to what they are associated with. (Red stands out, so therefore it stands out in your brain as well).

Anyways, great question and congratulations! You have made your question as a pearl in the latest newsletter.

You can access the online version of this by going to the member central button on the left side navigation and using the password mind-maps -- If you have not already subscribed. In it I explain how we can use this to enhance our information intake.

Hope I have solved your question,
Charlie (Webmaster)

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