Is It better to draw mind maps?

by Melanie

Is it better to draw mind maps rather than to come to make them on computer software?

I use Inspiration 8IE and it is a very useful tool for creating my mind mind maps. If I need a hard-copy for reference I always print it out.

I was wondering, for memory purposes would it be better to be drawing them by hand rather than doing it on a computer? For instance, if I was studying for a test -- would it be more beneficial to my brain to draw them.

The reason I am asking is because doing it by computer is so much quicker, and easier too!

Looking forward to a reply,
Thank you,
Melanie xx

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Oct 31, 2009
Sure does
by: Charlie-admin

Hey Melanie,

That is a great question and an awesome issue to raise.

Research has found that when your hand is writing, the parts of your brain responsible for memory were far more active than when doing something on the computer.

This does not mean that mind map software is bad at all. It just means using mind maps for memory based purposes would be more beneficial than using computer software.

Computer software would be ideal for organisation purposes. Ie planning for something, where you do not have to remember the content.


Oct 31, 2009
It does
by: Carla

Yes Melanie

Drawing it by hand is better for memory purposes.


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