Concept Mapping Software

Sick of writing up your concept maps by hand? Why not try and do them on the computer using concept mapping software! Some of the bonuses of doing them on the computer are:

  • It saves a lot of time
  • You can share them with colleagues or friends by email
  • If you want to add pictures it is as simple as a copy and paste
  • If you want a hard-copy just print out
  • The disadvantages are next to nothing. It is only if you're not a serious concept mapper that you may not have the need to use computer software. To rap it up, if you haven't got your computer with you, it wouldn't hurt to use a pen and paper. Wouldn't it?


    When drawing concept maps, in my opinion, inspiration would be your best bet. Inspiration is a nice package with an easy to use interface and not only can you draw concept maps, but this two-in-one package can create mind mapsas well.

    Take a few minutes to view this short video about inspiration:

    There are a few free concept mapping software tools out there today. For a list of them click here and scroll down to the "free software" section.

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