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The Organic Mind's Newsletter, Issue #001 -- How colour has a symbolistic effect on your brain
December 17, 2009


Ever wondered what setting your new years resolutions is? New years resolutions are like yearly goals. The goal setter should accomplish his/her new years resolutions by the end of the year.

Welcome to the Christmas edition of mind power! My anticipation for this newsletter is to keep you up to date with all of the info on how to get the most out of your brain, while sharing some tips and tricks to help on your way. This newsletter will keep a lot of the November's newsletter content due to the great increase in subscribers this month!

I have decided that the layout of this e-zine will be structured like this:
1) What is in this issue of the newsletter (this part)
2) News and updates about the site
3) The content! This is where I will include all of the "brain juice" (the part that you signed up for).

For more information about mind power please visit the newsletter info page

Table of Contents


  1. Say Hello to our forum!
  2. Vote It! and Member Central -- What that button is all about
  3. Questions and Answers
  4. New Sections

Brain Juice

  1. Christmas Special: Setting Your New Years Resolutions


  1. Say Hello to our forum!
    To all of you familiar with forum-ing I have set up a brand new study skills focused forum. I have just started up this forum and I am on the lookout for moderators. Moderators are people on the forum that have more privileges than regular users. They keep the forum clean of spam, and deal with all of the... well lets say - rivalry.

    Moderators can split, merge, stick, delete, lock, move and edit threads or posts. Moderators are also expected to be active users on the forums. If you are interested please click here to contact me. **Note: Please make the subject "forum moderator" or it will not pass through the system the right way.** Hope to see you there!

  2. Member Central and Vote It!
    So what's the big deal about this recent addition to the site? The member central is a place where all of the newsletter subscribers can go to Vote It! on site issues, get special offers, plus (planned) other interactive features. Currently it has the voting form (which I will explain about in a sec) and a link to get to the back-issues of the Newsletter. To visit the member central click here or copy and paste this link into your browser -- The member central can also be accessed from the navigation bar on the left side of my site, near the bottom.

    At the moment, I am undecided about how often I should send out the newsletter. I am sort of leaning towards doing it on a monthly basis, but then you might want to hear this kind of stuff more often. Then again you might get sick of me waffling on and want it quarterly. So here is where you come in! You get to Vote It! and decide how often I should send the newsletter out. To Vote It! click on the link in the paragraph above.

    The password to member central is mind-maps, the password will be changed to a frequency according to what you guys vote on. The password will not be available at the online version of the newsletter.

    Which brings me to another point. There is another way to read the newsletter, this is an online version and can be accessed from member central.

  3. Questions and Answers
    Now this is something that could be of use to you...
    Have you ever heard of a message board? Or maybe you've heard of Yahoo Answers? Well TOM has got something planned for you that will help you get all of your questions about the topic of "the brain" ANSWERED!

    I have put together a Yahoo Answers/Forum type interface where you can get all of your questions answered. But as you will learn, the number one golden rule is - Ask one, then answer one. The more you help the more help you will get. If you haven't heard of the saying what goes around comes around it is completely true. I plan to have a profile page for our regular contributors so that they can take credit for all of their help.

    I am currently trailing this system and if I think that we should stick with just a forum: that will be the case.

    To access Q&A click here or paste the following url into your browser:

    So go ahead, ask a question and get answered. Join in the fun!

  4. New Sections
    We have one new main section of the site, that I have just opened and this is called brain teasers and riddles. This section will have a directory of all of the brain teasers and riddles you could ever wish for (slowly, but surely!) starting with my favourite picks ;)

Brain Juice

New Years Resolutions!

Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is here. With all the shopping, cooking and running about you may have forgotten one important thing... Setting your new years resolutions. What is this you say?

New years resolutions are like yearly goals. They are a list of things that you want to achieve, accomplish or make better by the end of the year.

For those of you that have tried setting new years resolutions one think about this: How many of those goals did you actually accomplish? Did you get off to a good start but then started to slacken off?

If you answered negatively to those questions this is a MOTIVATIONAL issue. So here is my method for setting good new years resolutions.

  1. Come up with a rough list of potential resolutions and jot them down.

  2. Rank them from most important to least important and write them down neatly in that order.

  3. Make a contract (to yourself) :p State that you will accomplish these goals by the 31st of December (insert year here). Date it and sign it!

  4. Without a game-plan your new years resolutions are destined to fail. So make sure you have in mind, a way which you will go about tackling the goal... Say one of my goals was to drop 10 kilos by the end of the year. I would jot down some ideas about how I could focus on getting to the 10 kilo goal. I could start a new diet. Commit to going to the gym every Thursday and Saturday etc.

  5. From now on every week or month (depending on how busy your are) you are to review your yearly goals and see what you can do this week/month to tackle them. Every little step counts.


  • It may be useful to create "semi-goals" to use as check-points to the larger goal. This way it will be easy to fast track your efforts.

  • Make your goals realistic. If you want to become the world's most famous actor in a year, forget it! I'm not saying that it is not possible, because anything is possible. It is just not realistic to accomplish this, especially in a single year. If you make unrealistic goals you will be heading for disappointment when it gets to the end of the year and you realise you haven't accomplished any of your new years resolutions.

  • Get motivated and organised. If this means writing down deadlines for mid-goals on your calendar, then do it. Think of the end result

Good luck with your new years resolution endeavors.

Thank you for reading and I hope you learned a thing or two.
To contact me and give feedback please do this via my contact page. Please note the contact form is not for general questions -- you know where to ask those :)

Look forward to writing the next issue,
Merry Christmas,
Charlie (Webmaster)

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